Intercultural Business Coaching

What is coaching and how do we understand coaching?

Coaching, as we practice it, is about approaches to solving challenges faced by the coachee in international business and the global workplace. Our coaching is based on theoretical and empirically proven change models and focused on the individual and small groups with an emphasis on the international setting.

What is the focus of our coaching?

The focus is on career coaching for international businesspersons combined with insights from intercultural management in the global workplace. This coaching is unique in the greater Trier area and provides considerable value for international businesspersons. Our coaching is designed for managers, specialists, executives and anyone seeking to achieve their goals.     

Who benefits from coaching?

Persons who are impacted by change or seek change are candidates for coaching. Persons benefit from coaching since an independent viewpoint can highlight new perspectives, insights and solution sets in stressful environments. Areas for coaching include:  

  • management issues across national cultures   
  • motivation of employees for managers
  • dealing with conflict
  • self-management 
  • career development

What is the approach?

The approach is designed to be effective for the coachee and is based on three pillars:

  • Creating understanding
  • Defining /sorting-out/making clear
  • Resolving  

In coaching, a client’s career and business issues are framed and the coaching process is structured to build upon gaining understanding and then solving a problem. In this process, time works to benefit the coachee by allowing new understandings, perspectives, approaches, methods and exercises to sink-in, be practiced and take effect.

What is the coach’s background?

Thomas has extensive experience working and living in Switzerland, Germany and the United States. As a native New Yorker with Swiss and American nationalities, Thomas has  views and insights from professional experience in the business sector, the public sector, in large multinational companies, medium sized companies and as an entrepreneur. Thomas provides insights not only on an individual level, but also with an eye towards organizations and diverse national cultures. Thomas applies a variety of lenses to understand circumstances and phenomena and provides useful perspectives and approaches.

Thomas applies coursework and training at the University of Trier, Germany, with an emphasis on career coaching combined with intercultural training through the Hofstede Centre. Thomas’ higher education (B.A., M.A.) and professional experience of over 30 years is built on an interdisciplinary understanding of people, their cultures and institutions.   

Taking a step foward

Effective coaching comes down to how coach and coachee interact and communicate with each other.  It is largely about building a working relationship based on trust. Commonly referred to as “chemistry”, this useful adage serves as the invitation to get to know each other. 

Contact Thomas by phone, e-mail or through the contact area of this web site to arrange for an initial confidential meeting. The first 30 minutes are at no cost and involve establishing an understanding of professional needs and getting to know each other.

Thomas looks forward to getting to know you.

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