We believe in and we live diversity. Inclusion is about making diversity happen. A modern, international world thrives on diversity. Personality, culture, gender, ethnicity, and generations are important components of diversity. Neurodiversity is playing an increasing role. In many settings, this enables innovation, customer centricity and above-average success.

Good communication, a mindset of cooperation, and the ability to deal constructively with conflicts are preconditions. Understanding your environment and how power operates can be a part of the learning journey.
We expand your decision-making options   through perspective change. We support you in advancing your skillset, getting new insights, reflecting on your attitudes and taking action including building alliances. Through understanding yourself, you have the power to impact others. Choices and actions are key, starting individually and expanding collectively.  

Across cultures there is a tendency that boys are raised to compete and girls to build social cohesion. As a result, men tend to have a natural strength in standing up for themselves and their needs. Women tend to emphasize the group, its cohesion and cooperation. All aspects can be both helpful and act as a hindrance. Even great strength can be interpreted as weakness.

We support your learning to:


  • understand different perspectives and behaviors and the meaning behind them
  • formulate and promote your interests
  • recognize and reduce your blind spots
  • form networks and forge alliances
  • Recognize and verbalize your personal brand and added value
  • be aware of and use your strengths and full range of resources

Diversity is being invited to the party while inclusion is choosing the music. Diversity is about representation while inclusion is about active involvement.

Take a first step. An initial consultation is at no cost and about getting to know each other, understanding circumstances, objectives and building trust. Contact Thomas Imfeld at imt@bullseyeinternational.ch or call +49 651 463 10822