Seeing the big picture, critical thinking, solution finding, getting things done and simplify messages are amongst my strengths. I enjoy variety, growing, innovating, and collaborating to achieve superior results. I’m experienced in the areas of digital, management, manufacturing, design, personnel, and R&D. By creating and fostering solutions which capitalize on my diverse educational and professional background, I’m adding value. I’m an entrepreneurial team player experienced at performing in interdisciplinary groups. Empowering people, helping them to grow and building bridges between cultures motivates me. I thrive in the worlds of small and medium sized companies as well as in multinational environments. I support my clients in two areas: coaching and mediation.

Are you ready to take actions, by learning and doing? Then contact me for an initial conversation via nicole.imfeld@gmx.de or give me a call +49 1575 1999099.


I support you in clarifying professional matters and overcoming problems. This is how growth and finding solutions materialize. Typical focus areas include self-leadership, personnel management (leading in flat organizations with and without formal personnel responsibility), communication, resilience, conflict resolution and conflict management, strategy design, intercultural knowledge and skills.


I help to clarify conflicts and support you in finding a solution. The reasons for conflicts are as different as people are. If a conflict remains unresolved, it inhibits those involved. A lot of time, money and nerves are then wasted on correcting the negative effects on cooperation, processes, and productivity. In the worst case, there is a risk of losing partners, orders, and business relationships.
I am impartial, stand on neutral ground as a mediator and give everyone involved equal space. Anything of relevance will be spoken and will remain strictly confidential. The participants make their own decisions, whereby openness to results and willingness to cooperate are essential. Participation in the mediation is voluntary and all parties involved have the right to end or break off the mediation at any time.
In a successful mediation, everyone involved wins – time, understanding and cost savings. The process also ensures recognition and appreciation between those involved. And often for completely new and innovative approaches for a common future.
If you wish, we can talk about it.



Over 20 years of experience and responsibility in the areas of management, digital, human resource management, R&D, production, design and prepress. Experienced and proven in small and medium-sized companies as well as in corporations, in interdisciplinary and international teams. Management responsibility for managers and specialists. Strategy design, supplier relationship management, key account management and financial planning. I speak English, German and Alemannic.

  • Coach in people development – ​​2022 University of Trier
  • Bachelor in Personnel Management – ​​2019 IHK Trier
  • Certified mediator and business mediator – 2018 IHK Trier
  • Business Economist (VWA) – 2007 VWA Offenburg
  • Media designer – 2001 trade school in Lahr