As a high potential, high performer, as manager, director, leader working with transnational teams you’ve taken on a new role or plan to and want success by creating positive momentum in the first 100 days. You seek support to know what to embrace and what to let go of during your transition. You want to systematically manage the process of your successful transition by augmenting your toolbox and by developing your advantages.

Raised and educated in New York, USA, with over two decades working experience based in Europe, my emphasis is on pan-European, transatlantic business issues as well as those involving Asia-Pacific. In 13 years of sales management experience I‘ve been responsible for 8-figure Euro revenues linked to diverse Fortune 500 client accounts. 

Working with a coach will bring out your full potential. Support from a competent, empathetic coach gives you an edge. You obtain honest feedback and a dispassionate perspective to decrease your potential blind spots. The focus is to help you build your momentum and increase your leverage to master the intersection of situation and individual potential.                                               

Working with an independent professional enables and supports your growth. Having objective support allows you to make smarter and faster decisions to support early successes while enhancing your external support network. You create value sooner and reach your break-even point faster.

Starting a new role or job ranks in the top 5 most stressful situations in life. Working together, you obtain support you to see and understand more. Using insights, structured reflection and action, we enable your career journey. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses coupled with a situational diagnosis, you understand vulnerabilities, enabling you to take actions swiftly and assuredly. 

I focus and clarify all client journeys with an eye towards enabling a client’s objectives. An enabler is a fusion of coach and advisor. It is this unique combination that fits my personality, abilities, experiences and skillsets.

You are supported on: 1) mental preparation and promoting yourself; 2) matching strategy to your situation; 3) accelerating your learning; 4) securing early wins; 5) creating successful coalitions; 6) aligning strategy with culture and team; 7) bulding your team; 8) negotiating success; 9) maintaining personal balance. Using an enabling approach, a fusion of coach and advisor, this 80/20 combination allows the powerful benefits of coaching with the acceleration and effectiveness of advising, when appropriate.   

A clear process focuses on your unique needs and enhances your performance levels: 1) We get to know each other, your objectives, environment, needs and define focus areas; 2) Typically, for 14 weeks, every 1-2 weeks, we meet for 50-90 minutes to assess your situation and define measurable actions; 3) We use tools and diagnostics when appropriate and useful.

Certification in intercultural management, organizational culture, career coaching. M.A. Summa cum Laude, FIU. References include ŠKODA, softserve, Bentley, EnBW, National Express Rail and individuals around the world. bull‘s-eye [bu̇lz-ˌī] is defined as something that precisely attains a desired end. Based in Trier, Germany, bullseye international GmbH is approved supplier to VW and has membership in IHK Trier and SIETAR Europa.

Supporting your first 100 days, we carefully frame and distinguish start-up vs. turnaround vs. realignment vs. ensuring success. If your strengths include process, systems, structure, operations and strategy but find culture and politics taxing or even annoying, we are a dream team. 

Take a first step. An initial consultation is at no cost and about getting to know each other, understanding circumstances, objectives and building trust. Contact Thomas Imfeld at or call +49 651 463 10822.