July 2019

bullseye participated in the SIETAR Europa Conference in Leuven Belgium with over 500 intercultural experts and other industry professionals. It was a first-class for creating new bonds, enhancing professional awareness and accessing top-notch learning opportunities.  





July 2019

bullseye created the first Webinar in a larger series for a global client in the area of IT technology. The Cross-Cultural awareness and competence building series is designed to expose cultural blind spots and increase effectiveness and performance in global collaboration, project management and understanding international client needs.




June 2019

Together with Düsseldorf-based Cambiando Coaching, bullseye conducted a workshop on the topic of Diversity Management for Entrepreneurship Duesseldorf. With a mix of participants from diverse companies, we examined the elements of diversity in the workplace, how culturally diverse human resources can create competitive advantages and what is needed to manage the process.



May 2019

As part of bullseye’s membership in CoreNET, a learning organization for Corporate Real Estate Professionals, Thomas took part in a multi-day Workshop in Potsdam, Germany exploring the topic of “CRE Explores Agility”. It was a fruitful encounter with new insights and professional contacts.




March 2019

For a business partner based in the USA, bullseye international GmbH has guided a new customer to contract for a global branding conversion.







February 2019

In Berlin, Thomas guided a core group of managers and executive in a journey to better understand the role of national and organizational culture in this SME’s dynamic growth in a VUCA world.






December 2018 - January 2019

Thank you all in 2018.  Flesh out your advantages in 2019. 





December 2018. ICM Workshop

We conducted an intercultural management workshop for a global leader in IT services producing outstanding results.





October 2018. Hofstede Insights conference in Milan, Italy

Learning, networking and prospecting opportunities is what the Hofstede Insights internal and external conference in Milan is about.  





August 2018. Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days

Swiss-US Energy Innovation Days in Geneva, Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains, Neuchâtel, Fribourg und Sion 19th to 22nd of August 2018.  For more information about the latest developments at Colite Technologies visit https://www.colitetech.com/



March 2018. Thomas keynote speaker in Stockholm

At a Leadership Conference for a leading European financial institution held in Stockholm in March, 2018, Thomas was a keynote speaker inspiring 150 managers on the topic of intercultural management.  A series of workshops were held the following day to anchor insights from the keynote speech with the theme of confidence across cultures and organisations.  




December 2017

Thomas ends the year with delivering a newly conceptualized intercultural management workshop in Leeds, England.  80% of participants indicated that the workshop was “very relevant for my work”. 20% participants indicated that the workshop was “relevant  for my work”. 

Feedback from participants:

„Thanks a lot, time was worth-while invested and Thomas did a great job in preparing and running the workshop“.   

September 2017

At the IBM Client Center in Amsterdam Thomas, together with over 100 Hofstede-Insights colleagues and international guests, participated in a conference and celebration of 50 years of Prof. Hofstede’s intercultural 6D model. Especially useful for international business, the tools associated with Prof. Hofstede’s scientific and seminal research apply resolutely in today’s complex intercultural world of global business.

Are you doing business across borders or working with teams from multiple countries? Do your teams know how to effectively navigate cultural barriers?  Cultural values can be hard to recognize and understand but are often a critical issue hampering more effective cooperation across cultures in business. 

Contact Thomas to learn and how you can boost effectiveness in your organization in international cross-cultural settings.  

Summer 2017

Thomas has released a paper with cultural insights about doing business with Americans.  Written for the reader seeking useful and compact knowledge, this compressed briefing provides insights and understanding into various areas including: negotiations, meetings, conflict detection and resolution, power, time and communication.  The reader becomes aware of a cross-cultural model with predictive power.  There is also a brief section on Donald Trump, seen from a scientifically validated cultural perspective.  

Ordering this briefing is easy; contact us at info(at)bullseyeinternational.ch



Februar 2017

Recognizing and understanding cultural differences

In a workshop setting, Thomas Imfeld provides insights in cultural differences between Syrian and German national cultures with the following goals: creating understanding regarding the influence of one‘s own culture when interpreting another culture as well as becoming aware of "cultural filters".


Feedback from participants:

"Whoever grapples with the world’s diverse societies and issues of global responsibility will increasingly have to deal with how the different cultures of the world come together and how they can communicate with one another – with an understanding of each other and with respect. The presentation by Thomas Imfeld illustrates intensively the urgency of the topic. The model presented makes you curious and invites you to continue thinking and working with it. Many thanks.” Clarissa Schmithüsen, M.A. Educator and  Supervisor, Trier, Germany

"Many thanks for the presentation; the multilayered approach to charaterising societies and nations was compeletely new for me and therefore very thought-provoking." Anonymous  

December 2016

November 2016

Thomas Imfeld becomes an associate partner of itim international in October of 2016.

itim international applies a data-driven approach to cultural differences. itim international has spent over 30 years helping some of the world's largest organizations transform their intercultural and organizational challenges into business success stories.

Thomas focuses on companies and managers working across borders who are in need of tools to better understand and effectively deal with the “software of the mind” across cultures. With this understanding, clients are empowered to make more effective decisions with respect to the national cultures of stakeholders operating within a dynamic international business environment.

For a consultation, contact Thomas and visit the web page at www. itim.org


August 2016

During the course of 2016, Thomas is intensifying his coaching expertise through coursework at the University of Trier.

The courses which lead to a certificate, focus on the areas of leadership and motivation of employees, self-management and conflict management.


June 2016

Bullseye works with EU Consulta on preparing diverse proposals for multifaceted consortia related to a global EU programme on International Urban Cooperation, specifically the Sustainable and Innovative Cities and Regions (IUC Programme).

May 2016

As our contribution to a sound local economy with inclusive economic opportunity, bullseye international GmbH is now a member of the “NETWORK of companies integrating Refugees”.

This is an initiative of the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry and the German Ministry of Business and Energy. Contact us to learn more.

March 2016

To support existing and new clients in the area of intercultural communications and management, Thomas Imfeld completed the training “Accredited Lecturer in Intercultural Management” in March 2016. The certification comes from itim international which utilizes effective and proven frameworks based on Geert Hofstede's models.

Contact bullseye when you:

  • seek to work more efficiently with respect to the cultures impacting your business
  • want knowledge and experience when dealing with culturally sensitive situations
  • seek to understand the reasons for potential conflicts and want support in dealing with different cultures
  • want to improve your cultural competence
  • are looking for awareness about your own culture(s) and the impact this has on your business practice


Autumn/Winter 2015

About bullseye and the VW Group

bullseye international GmbH provides the VW Group services including  vendor due diligence. 

VW Group

More information: http://www.volkswagenag.com


Summer 2015

About bullseye and Elephant Parade

In the hustle and bustle to meet objectives, bullseye’s focus on people ensures superior results for global and regional brands. bullseye provides organizational, local language and cultural support to Elephant Expo International GmbH, based in Trier, Germany.

Elephant Parade  

Elephant Parade® is a social enterprise and runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Created by artists and celebrities, each Elephant Parade statue is a unique art piece. The life-size, baby elephant statues are exhibited in international cities and raise awareness for the need of elephant conservation.

Limited edition, handcrafted replicas and a select range of products are created from the exhibition elephants. 20% of Elephant Parade net profits are donated to elephant welfare and conservation projects. For more information about Elephant Parade visit: www.elephantparade.com

Elephant Parade in Calais, France 

Twenty-one decorated life-size elephant statues brighten the streets and historic landmarks of the City of Calais for the 13-week exposition running from 19 June until the 20th of September 2015. As Elephant Parade nears it’s 10thanniversary, the Calais exposition features a mix of designs by local French artists (such as Agnes B), regional art creations (from MECCANO, the Art School and Jank) and also celebrates Elephant Parade’s global creative footprint. Some top designs from previous Parades from Milan (2011) The UK (2013) and Hong Kong (2014) are also making a cameo appearance – for the first time allowing people to enjoy the best elements of multiple Elephant Parade events. For more information about the parade in Calais, visit: in www.elephantparade.com/cities/calais-2015/ne event.

May 2014

bullseye international GmbH is the legal name of bullseye international after incorporation this year. According to the commercial registry, bullseye international GmbH is active in the area of consulting and business development related to corporate identity systems and all related activities. The company is registered HRB 42619 in Wittlich, Germany. The Managing Director is Thomas Imfeld.

Two trademarks were registered with respect to the business activities of bullseye international GmbH. Both bullseye international and bullseye are recognized and legally protected. The picture marks are shown here.

Winter 2014


Since the start of 2013, bullseye international is under contract to ŠKODA AUTO a.s. to provide support in the areas of quality approval of signage suppliers, dealer site signage quality  and further support in the area of CI signage. bullseye international is active in Europe and Asia working closely with ŠKODA AUTO headquarters, importers, dealers and suppliers. With approximately 3300 dealer sites worldwide, global CI implementation is an important part of ŠKODA AUTO’s expansion plans.

Hearts On Fire 

Starting in the summer of 2013, bullseye international coordinated closely with CAPS in Zurich, Switzerland and Colite International to finalize signage specifications and implement a pilot site in Philadelphia, USA. The project was completed on time and on budget, to the client’s complete satisfaction. bullseye international works with Colite International to provide full service solutions for Corporate Identity Signage projects. Projects are completed to agreed-upon CI standards anywhere in the world.

May 2013

Škoda Auto a.s. has engaged bullseye international to act as advisor and consultant regarding the worldwide implementation of Škoda Auto’s new Corporate Identity (CI) with respect to signage.  This contract compasses various steps and processes such as  benchmarking, supplier selection processes including prototyping, zero-series and on-site quality auditing in various Skoda regions comprising Europe and Asia. bullseye international is integrated into the CI/CD Strategy and Implementation Team, located in Mladá Boleslav.

Škoda Auto a.s. is an automobile manufacturer based in the Czech Republic. Škoda became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in 2000, positioned as the entry brand to the group. Its total global sales reached 939,200 cars in 2012. Škoda Works was established as an arms manufacturer in 1859 and Škoda Auto (and its predecessors) is one of five oldest companies that begun producing cars and has an unbroken history. Škoda started production in China in 2006. In the second half of 2010, China became Škoda's largest market. A new and redesigned logo was revealed for Škoda in March 2011. In 2011, Škoda sold a record number of 875,000 cars, and it stated that it aimed to double its sales by 2018, as part of the Volkswagen Group's plan to become the largest car maker in the world.

April 2013

Recall Schweiz AG, entrusts bullseye international and business partner, transenter, with on-going corporate translations. According to Managing Director, John Wegman,  we are receiving high quality service and solutions for our diverse translation needs including time sensitive, high-volume materials and qualitatively demanding translations. The teamwork at bullseye international and transenter is exemplary and performance is great. I can recommend them highly.

Recall helps businesses meet the challenges associated with document management, data protection and document destruction with smart, strategic solutions and proven expertise.

No matter the format of the record - paper, digital, or media - the speed at which you need to access that record or what stage it is in its Life Cycle, Recall has the proven expertise to help you develop a fully functional records management program.


Transenter offers unique ways to translate and localize your services and products. Through the years, tansenter has collected best practices in the translation industry and has integrated them into a unique workflow system that ensures your competitive advantage.

November 2012

The ICES Foundation entrusts bullseye international and Transenter with translations from English to German. According to the President, Dr. Robert R. Bishop, translation and desktop publishing work included domain-specific content to a defined audience, mainly scientists. As a result of the good communication and quality of output, ICES will consider further translations with bullseye international and Transenter.

The ICES Foundation is a not-for-profit tax-exempt Swiss Foundation that was created in Geneva to build and operate a Swiss-based International Centre for Earth Simulation (ICES), and to build a global network of partner activities. The mission of ICES is to integrate the vast pools of knowledge contained within today's multitude of scientific and socio-economic specializations and to develop next generation 'holistic' modeling, simulation and visualizations that accurately depict the medium and long term future direction of planet Earth.


Transenter offers a new and unique way to translate and localize your services and products. Through the years, Transenter has collected best practices in the translation industry and has integrated them into a unique workflow system that ensures your competitive advantage.

April 2012

Beijing and Tianjin

During the second week of April, Thomas Imfeld, owner of bullseye international, was able to meet with various goverment officials and establish communication channels and understanding as a the basis for future cooperation and common projects. Thomas also meet with bullseye international partners in the region.

In this amazing country with over 1.3 billion inhabitants and an urbanization rate of over 50%, we also found time for sightseeing to historic sites including the Great Wall,  accompanied by outstanding weather. Our sincerest thanks to all who made this trip and the high-quality visits and meetings possible.